How to reach us


Discovering TIAMO SECRETS Diaporos Island and Vourvourou Mainland Estate and its spectacular surroundings for the first time: here is Greece in all its splendor.
Arrival by sea reveals superb views of an undisturbed coastline, unraveling one secluded cove after another, which amaze you, while you delve into the amazing scenery. Shallow water bays, where green and rust-hued vegetation dips into aquamarine water and gently laps at sun-bleached rocks smoothed with age, are likewise open to discovery.
The sea is clean, calm and inviting in its entire light blue splendor. A refreshing relief from populated destinations, you will have your own private paradise.
Welcome to our secret heaven, TIAMO SECRETS Diaporos Island and Vourvourou Mainland Estate, in the province of Halkidiki, in Northern Greece.

Driving Instructions

3 PALMS WELCOME is Tiamo secrets’ lobby, at only 1h10 from Thessaloniki Airport.

From Thessaloniki we follow the signs to “Halkidiki”. After 30 minutes of driving we reach Nea Moudania and we take a right turn following the signs to “Sithonia”. We drive straight and after 30 minutes we reach the village of “Nikiti”. We pass through Nikiti going straight and following the signs to “Vourvourou”.

On the main road to the left hand, follow the sign TIAMO SECRETS 3 PALMS WELCOME and continue following the sign until you arrived almost on the beach.

Now! You are on holidays!