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Personal data

Regarding the processing and protection of this site’s users/visitors’ data by the company «WPHD WELCOME PRIVATE HOSPITALITY DEVELOPMENT S.A. THESSALONIKI BRANCH» (WPHD and/ or TIAMOSECRETS), the relevant Greek and EU legislation and the following terms apply.

During a user’s/visitor’s visit to this site and for the provision of the site’s services, it is possible that the user/visitor will be asked to provide his/her data (e.g. name, contact details, e-mail address etc). This data submitted by the users/visitors to any page and service of this site, is collected exclusively for ensuring the provision of the corresponding service and it is in no way or form shared with any third party (physical person or legal entity), unless provided for by law and the competent authorities. The data collected by the site from users/visitors is restricted to the data which is necessary in order for the site to fully function and its services to be fully provided, aiming for the site to be most convenient to users, but always in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR and the applicable at all times laws implementing the GDPR.

In particular, this site collects, stores and processes data the users/visitors of the site have submitted to it with their prior express consent, for the following clearly described purposes:
– In order for the site to provide to the users/visitors the service they have requested (e.g. information about the company’s activities, newsletters and informative material etc).
– In order for the users to be able to send messages to the company through a communication form.
– In order for the site to be most convenient to the users/visitors.
– In order for the site to collect information from users/visitors (feedback) regarding the offered choices and services of the site and to achieve their improvement according to the data collected.

The S.A. company with the distinctive title WPHD / Tiamosecrets is the data controller of the data collected and processed for the above purposes.

The users/visitors who have submitted their data maintain the rights; to information concerning the data, of access, of update and rectification, to erasure (right to be forgotten), to restrict processing, of data portability, and to object to processing. Furthermore, the maintain the right to revoke their consent at any time, without this affecting the processing of data before their consent being revoked, while they also maintain the right to complain to the competent DPO.

This site fully complies with its legal obligations.

If the user/visitor willingly shares his/her data with any third party, he/she is solely responsible to review the terms of protection of his/her data by any such third party.

The user/visitor accepts that this site has no responsibility whatsoever for any user/visitor’s notifications to any third party and the subsequent possible use of his/her data by any third party.
Furthermore, this site has no responsibility whatsoever for any notification of data of third subjects to this site, by the users/visitors of this site.

Each user/visitor guarantees the validity and accuracy of his/her data submitted to this site, and that he/she maintains the right to submit, the data he/she actually submits to this site.

This site is opposed to the collection of underage persons’ (under the age of 18) data and its policy is to never collect nor process such data.


This site recognizes the importance of the issue of data security of its users/visitors and makes every reasonable effort, using the most advanced and current methods, in order to ensure that their data is secure.

Regardless of the above, the users/visitors need to be aware that the submission of confidential information through an e-mail does not constitute a fully secure means of communication, as there is by definition some risk of a third party viewing this information.


Like most sites, this site too uses cookies, in order to have access to some information every time a user/visitor visits this site.

Cookies are small files saved to the hard drive of the personal computer of the users/visitors of a site, and are used for statistical reasons, to define popular pages or to make a user/visitors’ access to a site – page easier.
Τhis site uses cookies:

– That collect information regarding the way visitors use the site, eg which pages they visit more frequently or if they receive error messages from sites. These cookies collect centralized, anonymous information that cannot identify a visitor. This information is used exclusively to improve the efficiency of this site.
– That allow this site to remember the user’s choices, like the language of use or settings he/she has chosen, in order to provide more personal and better functions. This information cannot follow the user’s browsing activity to any other sites.
– That are used for the provision of content more suitable to the user and his/her interests.