Terms & Conditions



Version No 1 of the 21st of February 2018


-1- Τhe present leaflet concerns the relations between the “WPHD WELCOME PRIVATE HOSPITALITY DEVELOPMENT – THESSALONIKI BRANCH S.A.” (henceforth WPHD) which is engaged in trade and interactions with the name (as a kind of distinctive title) TIAMO SECRETS, Leading Villas, as a hotel management company-provider of services and any person who might request rental of the tourist accommodation owned or managed by WPHD and who becomes the recipient of its services; the present applies to all tourist accommodation properties of WHPD, independently from their location, on the Diaporos island or in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki or in any other location of the Greek territory.


-2- The website “www.tiamosecrets.com” allows placing an order of rental of the tourist accommodation owned or managed by the WPHD Company, as well as of any services directly provided by WPHD or by its associates. The most usual procedure for a rental order of tourist accommodation owned, managed or in general operated by the WPHD Company is carried out through the Division for Reservations and Sales of the Company or/and through other associates of the Company, tourist agents or not, under the form of request, offer, verification of the reservation and so on. The present leaflet is applicable to all means of rental and in general in all the reservations-sales of the Company. In case that the services are provided by third parties-associates of WHPD, the order for those services is directly made between the Client and the Associate and is subject to the pricing policies of that Associate. It is specified that the services which may be provided by third parties-associates of WHPD do not constitute in general part of a fixed combination/package of many touristic services which is offered at a single price.

-3- Every rental order of accommodation or services on the WPHD website or through other available means or/and services means the full and without reservations acceptance of the present Regulation, as well as of the invoicing and pricing terms applicable to all the tourist residences and the services, for which the order has been placed

-4- The respective electronic order is transmitted to WPHD through its website or with any other means (for example through the Reservations and Sales Division) only provided that the Client has been informed of the present Regulation and the respective necessary information and he/she declares having been informed of the latter and his/her full understanding and irrevocable acceptance through the respective available choice or through any other means available. No order for a rental or for any other services is valid nor is to be transmitted to WPHD unless the aforementioned condition is met.

-5- The Client may save and print the present Regulation and any other information contained on WPHD’s website as mentioned above, in order to study this information carefully and fully and become totally aware of the latter.

-6- Τhe website of WPHD and any other available services (offer, request, any document of the company relating to a reservation and a rental order, the rental contract, where applicable, undersigned etc.) may mainly comprise the following information (indicative reference):
* The statutory objectives of the WPHD, its legal entity, the address of its registered seat or of its branch in Greece, the telephone number of the Company’s registered seat or of its branch in Greece, the e-mail address, its registry information in the General Commercial Registry for Companies, its VAT information and the declaration that the stay in its  accommodation fully complies with the services stipulated by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

*   The basic characteristics of the tourist accommodation that WPHD rents, as well as the comforts and services associated with the accommodation (i.e. the basic services). The descriptive information on each tourist property of the company WPHD or under the management of the latter can be read and studied in the context of the rental order.

* The additional services that may be available, and it needs to be specified that where such services are provided by third parties and WPHD’s associates and not by WPHD directly, depend in terms of their provision exclusively on those associates of WPHD ; WPHD does not guarantee their availability, they are provided and invoiced exclusively by WPHD’s associates and do not constitute part of a combination of more tourist services offered at a single total price.

* the other provisions and services which are available to the Client, such as, indicatively, the potential possibility to use items offered by WPHD at a special price.

* The cost of stay, as set out in the form of the invoice

* the means of payment

* the advance payment amount

* the duration of the offer and of the fixed price

* the special terms of payment and cancellation

-7-The Client, by proceeding to the order, accepts and declares that the reservation is made for him personal or for the persons explicitly declared during booking. In the same manner the relevant services, which are provided by WPHD and potentially from third parties, are to be provided to these persons stated above.

-8- All the terms of the present Regulation are set out in Greek, as well as in English.

-9- The Client declares that he/she has full legal capacity and any required power of attorney, mandate and authorization to be bound under this Regulation both for himself/herself individually and for the persons accompanying him/her that he represents and he/she states that they will stay with him/her.




For the purposes of the present regulation the terms set out below are meant and defined with the following meaning:

“Order for rent/services” means the client’s request for rental of the tourist accommodation of WPHD and for the provision of the services on behalf of WPHD.

” Confirmation of reception” means an e-mail message sent by the WPHD website or by any other available service to the customer regarding the confirmation of receipt of the Client’s order, if this order was made through the website or by any other available services (and not by other means, such as by telephone or telegram).

“Request for order confirmation” means an intangible or tangible document that recapitulates the characteristics of the stay and other services which the Client has ordered, which document is sent on the same day of the receipt of the order. The specific document may request, inter alia, the details and the number of the Client’s bank card in the context of the advance payment.

“Confirmation or non-confirmation of booking” means an intangible or tangible document sent to the client, depending on the case, electronically, in writing or by telegram, after receipt of the rental/service order, which either confirms the payment of the deposit and/or constitutes the written acceptance of the order, in such a way that the completion of the order is realized, or the non-acceptance of the customer’s order is stated.

“Advance payment/pre-payment” mean an amount of money of 30% or more, if special agreement requires, of the total of the agreed price for the overnight stays of the arranged days of stay and no less than the rental cost of one day, which is due to be paid to WPHD before the stay, with the exception of special terms and agreements, where the latter apply following an explicit special agreement with the Client, most frequently on the grounds of an advantageous price or package on offer. The payment of the advance payment constitutes in any case the completion of the order of the Client, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise that his/her booking confirmation constitutes acceptance of the booking made, even if the latter is not explicitly stated in the “confirmation of booking”. WPHD holds the discretionary power to request the advance payment at a time later than the “confirmation of order” on its behalf.

«Booking procedure» means the whole procedure between the stages of “order rental/services” and the “confirmation of booking” placed by the Client.

“Client” means every person acting for his/her personal or professional needs.

«Consumer» means every person who satisfies the requirements of Law 2251/1994.

“E-mail” means any message in the form of text, voice, sound or image sent by a public communication network and stored on a network server or within the recipient’s terminal equipment until it is received by the latter.

“Associates” means providers of services accessible from the WPHD’s website or from other services or on the spot, in particular, who may especially be tour operators, car, ship or aircraft leasing companies, ticket issuers of tickets for flights, trains, spectacles, museums, professional recreational activities such as water sports, diving, fishing or various excursions.

“Provision of hotel service” means the lease on behalf of WPHD of a tourist lodging under its property or management or of a part of such a lodging, the main characteristics of which are presented on the WPHD website, or on the advertising brochures and its catalogues, plus the extras offered by WPHD as relevant services.

“Website” means an electronic service managed by WPHD online and which is available on the address www.tiamosecrets.com .

“General terms of stay” means the stipulations and provisions laid down in the present Regulation and the relevant provisions of law, as applicable.


-1- Τhe present regulation lays down the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of leasing by WPHD of tourist accommodation under its property or management, either its general utilization or part of such tourist accommodation, through its website or through other services, and the provision by the company of the associated hotel services.

-2- The terms shall describe all the necessary steps concerning the order, booking and services after the reservation between the WPHD and the client.

-3- The client acknowledges the fact of being informed and accepts the present Regulation, as well as the terms of sale and the other services of the WPHD by an invoice which is accessible on the website.

-4- In the event that the Company and the client have agreed with another document or contract between them, in part or in whole, special terms, these terms prevail over the present Regulation, always in the context where they are more specific or different than those present.

This regulation is applicable to all bookings made through the internet, the website and other services and Departments of WPHD.



-1- This Regulation is applicable as long as it remains published on the website or as long as it is annexed to other WPHD’s relevant services.

-2- WPHD reserves the right, without prior notice, to temporarily or permanently discontinue the access to its website and/or its online services provided.


-1- The client shall choose solely among the tourist accommodation under rent and any other services provided by WPHD and the other services offered.

-2- The client acknowledges the fact of being informed of the nature, purpose and ways of booking accommodation and any available services on the website or other services of WPHD, as well as that he/she has looked through and obtained any useful or necessary information or/ and every additional information in order to carry out and complete his/her order, in full and absolute knowledge of the purpose of the latter.

-3- The client shall place his/her order to the competent Booking Department of the company and particularly through the electronic mail address: contact@tiamosecrets.com  as well as through the company’s website: www.tiamosecrets.com

-4- The client shall bear full responsibility for the choice of accommodation, as well as the optional or complementary services and the adequacy of the latter as to his/her wishes and needs, in a way that he/she does not seek any liability from WPHD concerning this issue.

-5- The order is considered to be complete upon completion of the booking process.


-1- Orders by the Client are made by submitting a request of reservation through any possible and available means; via a written message of electronic mail, an intangible form, within the company’s website or otherwise.

-2- An order is considered complete when the total amount or the set advance payment of the rental is prepaid in accordance with the agreed rental or the confirmation of booking by WPHD.

-3- The client is bound from the beginning by each order individually. The client is obliged to fill in all the necessary information including his/her bank card information.

-4- The client verifies the integrity and the accuracy of the information that he/she submits.

-5- The process of reservation usually includes the following stages:

*Stage 1: research/search of a tourist accommodation and options of services and a price/of an invoice

*Stage 2:  selection, in case that it is desirable, of a range of additional or optional services.

*Stage 3: submission of request – order

*Stage 4: confirmation of specifications of the order, its total cost, of applicable purchase terms and final application of selection (tourist accommodation or part of the property, cost, additional or optional services).

*Stage 5: providing the necessary personal information of the client – signature of the contract of rental order.

*Stage 6: provision of the client’s bank card information – advance payment and/or partial payment – cancellation fees – of the cost of booking.

*Stage 7: confirmation of booking by WPHD, in accordance with the special terms and conditions agreed by the Client.

-1- This website and the relevant services of WPHD confirm the reception of the order with an instant message of electronic mail.

-2- In case of online bookings the confirmation of order reception through electronic mail may recapitulate the contractual offer, accommodations and exclusive services, prices, purchase terms concerning a selected invoice, as accepted by the client at the time of the completion of the booking, the amount of advance payment, information regarding the service after the purchase, the Client’s right to raise a claim/claims, as well as a request of having access to personal information of the Client, including his/her bank card information for the advance payment,or cancellation fees, where applicable.


For every right of the client concerning the relative order or booking, the customer service is available to clients in the winter as well as from October to April from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM (Greek time) at the following telephone line +30 2311 242571 (for Greece) and at the following electronic mail address contact@tiamosecrets.com (for Greece). In the summer, from May to September, from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 AM to 21:00 PM (Greek time) at the following telephone number +30 6981 226 376 as well as at the following electronic mail address contact@tiamosecrets.com (for Greece).

The postal address of WPHD is the following:

2 Salaminos Str, 1st floor, Postal Code 546 25 Thessaloniki, Greece. Tel. (+30) 2311 242571.


-1-The Client’s order is completed with the payment of the total rent or the designated advance payment of the rent or the confirmation of the reservation by WPHD.

2- In any case of cancellation, the deposit already paid is non-refundable, and cancellation fees may apply, unless otherwise stated in the special conditions of sale of each contract.

-3- For reservations canceled up to 120 days prior to arrival, we will not charge additional cancellation fees. The 30% deposit paid at the time of reservation will not be refunded.
For reservations canceled in less than 120 days prior to arrival, the cancellation fee is equal to an extra 30% of your reservation, which will be charged to your stated credit card.
For reservations canceled in less than 60 days prior to arrival, the full balance of your reservation at that moment of cancellation will be charged to your stated credit card.
Early Departures will be charged with 100% of the remaining balance will be charged. WPHD may refrain from exercising its aforementioned right, in its sole discretion. The individual Client mentioned above shall be exempted from the prescribed compensation  only if he/she has warned WPHD of his/her intention not to use the accommodation at least 120 days before.

-4- The terms of sale for the designated price determine how the booking is cancelled and/or modified wherever possible.

-5- If possible, the cancellation of the reservation can be made directly from the website or the related services of WPHD through the relevant order/application or by e-mail to the designated e-mail address of the company with the subject “Change / Cancellation of booking » and by stating the details of the booking.

-6- The Client must accept the accommodation booked by himself/herself or through a third party or part thereof, unless this is not in accordance with the order. The Client is also obliged to keep the tourist accommodation up to the end of the agreed time, and is charged otherwise to pay to WPHD a compensation corresponding to the rent of the remaining days of the proportionate amount on the agreed accommodation price. This applies also in case of non-show of the client on the date determined, except in cases of force majeure proven by compelling facts or evidence.

-7- If the tourist accommodation is leased for a certain time, WPHD is not entitled to terminate the lease prior to the expiration of the agreed time, unless the Client violates this Regulation and other applicable legal provisions or violates the principles of morality or public order or suffers from serious disease, which may cause serious discomfort or danger to other clients and/or staff of WPHD.

-8- For any other relevant issue, kindly note that the company WPHD S.A is not applicable to the provisions  of the 503007/1976 Decision of the General Secretary of the Greek National Tourism Organization on the Regulation for the Relations between Hotel Businesses and their Clients apply

“-9- For any other relevant issue, kindly note that the company WPHD S.A is not applicable to the provisions.

-XI- Stay in leasehold

-1- Renting a tourist lodging or part of it is valid for one day, unless it is differently agreed between the client and WPHD. The rental is mutually renewed for each following day, as long as WPHD, on one hand, does not inform the client that the rental expires, and the client, on the other hand, does not inform WPHD that he/she will not continue the rental. This notification must be done during the previous day, otherwise it is not valid for that day, but for the next one.

-2-In application of the existing regulation the client may be asked during his/her arrival, namely in the beginning of the stay, to fill in a bulletin including his data (personal information, ID card/passport data etc.). In order to make the filling in of the bulletin feasible, the client will be asked to bring an ID card so that the company can verify his/her data. Likewise, it is probable that a security deposit will be asked in cash or by credit card, the sum of which will be defined by the company unilaterally for covering mainly damages, cleaning, etc.

-3- Given that in all tourist lodgings belonging to or administered by WPHD there is no distinctive suitable place for keeping any kind of pets, their retention is not allowed in the tourist lodgings.

-4- The client accepts and commits to use the tourist lodging or the part of the tourist lodging with the appropriate attention.

-5- In case that in the tourist lodging or the part of it which is reserved, more terms of use for the tourist lodging or for some devices or functions are displayed, the client commits to respect all the displayed instructions. In case of not showing this kind of respect, which equals to violating the current regulation and the law, WPHD is obliged to ask the client to check out without any charge on its part and has the right to claim anything that complies with the current regulation and the law.

-6- If a Wi-Fi service (with or without payment,) which allows clients to have access on the Internet, is offered in the tourist lodgings, the client commits so that the use of the Internet access will not be aimed at using it for purposes of reproduction or publication of works or objects that are protected by rights of intellectual property or related rights, unless it constitutes a lawful use according to the corresponding provisions.

-7- The client is obliged to comply with the security policy of the Internet service provider of the property.

-8- Upon arriving, the client is obliged to inform the reception if he/she possesses valuable things or money that he/she wishes to save and secure in a safe belonging to the WPHD company. In case he/she wishes to save them in the safe which is provided inside the villa, then he/she is exclusively responsible for its right use as well as for its content. WPHD takes no responsibility if any asset of the client is lost, as long as it is not informed on the client’s arrival.

-9- It is clearly forbidden to videotape, take photos and reproduce or print by any means inside and outside the accommodation space with the aim of republishing or producing a show, film, documentary or any other similar types, unless a special written permission is given by the management of the WPHD company.

-10- Smoking is allowed only in the exterior space.

-11- There is a schedule of quiet hours for which the client must be informed and he/she must follow it.

-12- The clients’ and their visitors’ security and behavior are an exclusive responsibility of the person who makes the reservation and has his/her name on it. The owner company takes no responsibility for any injury or accident that may happen during their stay in the lodging.

-13- The clients are responsible for their lodgings during their stay. They must provide for securing the doors and windows while they are not in the lodging. Any action or oversight by the clients or their visitors, which may cancel the security policy of the lodgings and lead to loss or damage, is the client’s responsibility.

-14-The lodging must be professionally cleaned before and after each client’s arrival.

-15- All consumable supplies (beauty items and toiletries as well as cleaning products) are provided and replaced by our team.

-16- You must use the devices only for their expected usage.

-17- Drugs or illegal activities are not allowed in the lodgings.

-18- The lodging cannot be subleased by the client.

-19- The clients are strictly responsible for using the swimming pool tanks and the children must be supervised by them all the time. The company and its personnel take no responsibility in case the swimming pool tanks are badly used by the clients.

-20- The swimming pool tank is cleaned and conserved with the appropriate chemical substances by our personnel for your safety and hygiene.

-21- If the clients or their visitors have problems during their stay, they must directly inform the managers of the WPHD. In order to deal with the problem or a client’s potential complaint, he/she must inform us immediately, while staying in the lodging.  If no complaint is submitted during his/her stay, the client states silently in this way and accepts that he/she remained satisfied by the lodging and accommodation and he/she didn’t have any complaint, as well as that everything was according to his/her reservation and information.


The customer benefits from the contractual guarantee that may be provided to him/her by the service (accommodation with extra relevant services or accommodation with extra relevant and complementary or optional services).



-1- WPHD makes the best possible effort so that the photographs, graphic representations and texts illustrate in the most accurate and truthful manner possible the provision of accommodation and other services (basic or complementary and/or optional); nonetheless, the actual state and conditions may display non-substantial variations or changes in relation to the corresponding illustrations, mainly because of any technical inability to display in a fully accurate manner the actual situation or any renovations or modifications that may have taken place in the respective tourist accommodation, in order to improve their image and functionality.
-2- WPHD cannot be held responsible for the non-execution or improper execution of the reservation in case of force majeure, due to an act of a third party or an act of the Client, including: non-availability of the Internet, inability to access the Website of the WPHD, an external (cyber)attack against the system, computer viruses, the case that the prepayment was not authorized or executed by the Client’s bank etc.
-3- Pertaining to the hyperlinks linking to other websites, to which the website or other relevant services of WPHD may refer, the latter is exempted from any responsibility concerning their content or the services suggested thereon.

-4- Any booking or payment that is irregular, non-functional, incomplete or fraudulent for any reason, results in the cancellation of the Client’s reservation, at the expense of his/her own, by maintaining the unconditional right for any civil or criminal proceedings against the latter.


-1- Any claims relating to the non-execution or improper execution of the provision of residence services must be communicated to the WPHD within ten (10) days after departure from the tourist accommodation or from the part of the property, with a direct request placed to WPHD, at the Customer Service address details given above. In particular in the event of an unreasonable delay in the notification of any request or claim, WPHD is entitled to dismiss any such claim as unfounded or unproven or inadmissible, with the prejudice in each case of the parties (WPHD and the Client) of their lawful rights and claims.


-1- The prices which pertain to booking the accommodation and the other relevant or the complementary-optional services are referred beforehand and in the context of the procedure of ordering the rental.

-2- The prices are per tourist accommodation or part of tourist accommodation for the number of persons and the date or the period selected.
-3- The prices fixed for the Client are applicable and always paid in EUR, only for the period specified on the website or in the other relevant services of WPHD.

-4- If the charge is made on the spot, with a conversion in Euros from a different currency, the rate applies at the time of actual payment, and any exchange costs are always borne by the Client.

-5- With the exception of a declaration expressly stated on the website and other related services of the WPHD or of a contradictory express agreement, the provision of supplementary or optional services is not included in the price offered.

-6- Any tourist tax, detention, fee, charge etc. without exception, where applicable, will constitute part of the final price or will result from the final invoice issued and will be paid in the time that it applies and when the obligation to pay the amount on/to which this is calculated or attributed or withheld or generally attributable is due, unless this amount is legally included in the original accommodation price before other indirect or direct taxes, reservations etc..

-7- The prices on offer always include the corresponding VAT, which applies on the date of the order. Any change in the applicable VAT coefficient prior to the Client’s departure will be automatically charged upon the agreed price before VAT, on the date of invoicing.

-8- Any changes or charges of new taxes made by the competent authorities will be automatically reflected on the prices indicated in the pricing.

-9- If following the agreement the payment is to be made upon arrival or departure from the tourist accommodation and the currency of the customer does not coincide with that of WPHD in Greece (Euro), the debit price of WPHD may be subject to differentiation from that notified in the context of booking, in order to take into account the possible change in the exchange rate or the cost of conversion in Euros, which is always borne by the customer.
-10- WPHD indicates the total cost of the rent/lease and for the corresponding services during the booking process.

-11- Certain promotional offers made available from the Internet, or in general, are likely to be made available for exclusive sale from the Internet or by the provider that offers and advertises them and/or exclusively by distance and may not apply to orders and reservations made on-site.




-1- The client notifies the data of the bank account connected to his bank, credit or debit card, as well as the card information, initially for the advance payment and secondly as a guarantee for any potential claims by WPHD concerning the lease of the tourist lodgings and the provision of respective services or due to the latter. For every payment executed (advance or final payment), which is done through a bank, credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DINNERS CLUB) special terms may be applicable following the respective agreements. The Client indicates the card’s security credentials (encrypted zone) without any spaces between the numbers, as well as the date of expiry and the security code, in the context of the request of the order’s confirmation.

-2- The charge of the payment minus the deposit or-if applicable-the total amount due is made on the spot (in the reception area of the property) , except in cases of special payment conditions or billing of payment in the process of booking (prepayment upon booking). In case of any price not being pre-paid in its entirety, WPHD is entitled to ask the Client during his/her arrival, an amount for guarantee or permission to charge the debit or credit card in order to guarantee payment of the amount corresponding to the services used by the customer on site or the prepayment upon arrival of the remaining amount of the reservation according to the specific agreement terms with the customer.

-3-  If the Client books more tourist lodgings or parts of the property, an advance payment is deemed necessary, in principle, to confirm the reservation; the payment corresponds to only one of the lodgings/parts, but the company reserves the right to request an advance payment deposit for the remaining accommodation. The payment card used to pay the advance during the booking process may be used as a guarantee or means of payment of the rent and other fees, etc. and in respect of the other tourist lodgings or parts of the latter.

-4- Upon advance payment/pre-payment the amount charged in the process of booking includes: the cost of accommodation plus the basic services, the taxes corresponding to the stay and the services, as well as any other complementary or optional service selected by the Client.

-5- WPHD may issue e-invoices of value, the original electronically maintained invoice may be confirmed and certified under the law and may be accessible by any means, including the Internet, e-mail etc.


-1- Clients are informed, in every sheet for the collection of personal information, on the obligatory or optional character of their replies with a notation made with an asterisk or a square or the √ sign.

-2- In the absence of information suggested as obligatory, WPHD is entitled not to register and not to accept the order and in general not to proceed with any request made by the Client.

-3- The information compiled and processed are exclusively destined for WPHD and its associates and solely on grounds of serving the contractual agreements governed by the present Regulation, always according to the principles of necessity and proportionality.

-4- The associates, providers of services may have their registered seat in a third country, outside the EU.

-5- In the context of precontractual procedures in view of the booking, WPHD may ask from the client his/her identity information, data about his/her personal or professional life, as well as financial information.

-6- The Client empowers WPHD to notify his/her personal data to third parties only under the condition that such a notification does not contradict the provisions of public order.

-7- In particular, in the context of the payment (online or not), the bank details of the customer will be transferred and notified by the WPHD provider of the corresponding service to the Bank of WPHD for the execution and implementation of the contract of Stay. Therefore, the customer is informed that such data transfer may be carried out in third countries that do not have a system of personal data protection. However, the customer consents to the data transfer requirement that is necessary for the execution of the contract. WPHD requires the provider to be bound and to guarantee to make the best possible effort to maintain the confidentiality of data on such transfers.

-8- The Client reserves the right and any claim thereof and indicatively the discretionary power and the ability to oppose, without expenses, to the use of his/her personal data for commercial or other reasons, the right of opposition for any lawful reason, the right to submit questions, the right to have access and restore by addressing a respective request to WPHD and particularly with an e-mail to the e-mail address indicated above.

-9- WPHD reserves the right to put in a place a system of management of personal data, following the law, in order to preserve and ensure the goods and interests of its Clients, on the first hand, and to deal with cases of non-payment, on the other. In this context, WPHD may keep, a private, secret and destined for its exclusive use, registry of Clients who have demonstrated an improper behavior as for the following categories: aggressive and improper behavior, lack of respect of the terms of the present contract, lack of respect of the security rules, mainly as far as the use of swimming pools, which are an en-suite to the touristic residences or to their parts, is concerned, thefts, immoral behavior, vandalism and disobedience to the regulation. Inclusion in the aforementioned file may result, where appropriate, to the WPHD’s denial, without any specific justification, to proceed to the acceptance of any order made by these persons for a period of its choice. This file is not to be, most certainly, disclosed to any third party.


-1- The provision and reception of bank data, as well as the acceptance of the general terms of accommodation and of the order form constitutes an electronic signature, which between the parties has the same value with a hand-written signature.

-2- The databank of transactions and communications is maintained in the information system of WPHD under reasonable terms of security and are considered a receipt of the content of communications, orders and payments between WPHD and its Clients.

-3-The Client is informed that his/her IP address is registered in the system while placing his/her order.


-1- The force majeure for the purposes of the present is perceived as any external for all parties event which is characterized by an unexpected, incontrollable and irreversible nature and which impedes the Client or WPHD from fulfilling all or part of their stipulated obligations. The cases of force majeure recognized by judicial jurisprudence in Greece are by definition being accepted and perceived as such incidents of force majeure.

-2- None of the parties may be considered responsible in relation to the other in case of non-implementation of the obligations deriving from such an event caused by force majeure, with the reservation of any special terms set in the present regulation or set out in law.

The client is informed by the WPHD for the possibility of bringing an action in case of dispute regarding the present terms, in a process of amicable or conventional reconciliation or with any other alternative means of extrajudicial settlement of the dispute.

The present terms of stay are governed by Greek law and any potential dispute between the client and the Company is subject to the exclusive competence of the competent judicial authorities of the Courts of Thessaloniki, Greece.

-1- The present terms of accommodation-provision of services and the respective legal provisions, express the totality of the obligations and rights of WPHD and the Clients, with the reservation of more specific terms having been agreed with a newer written contract between the Client and the Company.

-2- The Client may not require that WPHD incorporate in these terms any other request or special term, unless this constitutes the content of a compulsory legal provision, which may not be explicitly included in the present regulation.

-3- Τhe documents which prove the binding commitments by WPHD and the Client and in particular the order request, the request for the confirmation of the order, the acceptance of the order-confirmation of booking and the respective issued invoices.

-4- Ιn case of a possible contradiction between the documents proving the reservation and its content, and the present terms of accommodation the potential more specific agreements of each given reservation prevail.

The present Regulation may be modified or/and updated by WPHD at any time. In that case, the new version which is to be uploaded online by WPHD will apply to all Clients without delay.